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This is the website of FIDE International Arbiter and International Organiser Adam Raoof. A list of my events is on the right, but here are some highlights;

Mind Sports International chess 19-23 November 2014. Results:
British Blitz Championships
Here are the results and pairings for the FIDE Open, Under 1900 and Weekend Under 160 Congress (errors and omissions excepted).

If you like playing in Hampstead then we have an extra event at Christmas – The Brambles Administration International takes place 15-23 December, and you can enter Brambles here. At the moment we have space for just 30 players in each section – and we have two sections, FIDE Under 2200 (ECF Under 200) in the morning and an 2200+ Masters event in the afternoon. There are £3,500 in GUARANTEED prizes to be won!

Hampstead Congress is a regular two-day, five round Under 2200 tournament, raising money for Age Concern Camden. Please note that these events are strictly limited to 50 players due to the size of the venue. Click here for the website of the Hampstead Congress series.

Hampstead Chess June 2014

Our next Golders Green Weekend Tournament takes place in January 2015, and you can enter Golders Green Congress here. We have space for 100 players – and we have three sections, FIDE Under 2200 (ECF Under 200), FIDE U1900 (ECF Under 160) and an ECF graded Under 120 section. There are lots of prizes to be won!

Chess England Rules and Regulations for Tournaments are online and it is recommended that you read them before entering any event. Email me at adamraoof@gmail.com if you have any questions. A pdf version of our all-purpose entry form is here.

Golders Green Congress May 2014

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